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Project type

Brand Identity


May 2018


Charlotte, NC

Pell Custom Builders is a distinguished general contractor renowned for its commitment to excellence in residential, commercial, remodel, and construction services. To ensure consistency, coherence, and recognition across all touchpoints, it's imperative to establish comprehensive brand guidelines. This project aims to craft a detailed framework that encapsulates Pell Builders' ethos, visual identity, tone of voice, and brand values.

- Define Pell Builders' brand identity, positioning, and core values.
- Establish guidelines for visual elements including logo usage, color palette, typography, and imagery.
Develop a consistent tone of voice and messaging strategy that resonates with the target audience.
- Ensure brand consistency across all communication channels and touchpoints.
- Provide a reference document for internal and external stakeholders to uphold the brand's integrity.

Brand Identity:
- Define Pell Builders' mission, vision, and core values.
- Identify the brand's unique selling points and competitive advantages.
- Establish brand positioning in the construction industry.

Visual Identity:
- Logo Usage: Define proper usage, variations, and clear space requirements.
- Color Palette: Specify primary and secondary colors along with their usage guidelines.
- Typography: Select fonts for both print and digital media, including headings, body text, and any brand-specific fonts.
- Imagery: Determine guidelines for photography style, illustration, and graphics to maintain consistency and authenticity.

Brand Applications:
Ensure consistency in digital assets such as website design, email templates, and social media graphics.

Brand Guidelines Document:
Comprehensive guide encompassing brand identity, visual elements, tone of voice, and brand applications.

Brand Assets:
- High-resolution logo files in various formats.
- Color palette specifications.
- Typography selection and usage guidelines.
- Approved imagery examples and guidelines.

Conduct internal training sessions to educate stakeholders on brand guidelines and their implementation.

The project is expected to be completed within three weeks, with regular checkpoints for review and feedback.

Establishing robust brand guidelines for Pell Builders not only strengthened brand recognition but also foster trust and consistency among their clients. By adhering to these guidelines, Pell Builders will maintain a cohesive and compelling brand presence in the construction industry.

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