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Brand Framework


January 2024

Case Study Details:

Pico Flor Wellness Studio aims to expand its brand presence and impact in the Asheville, NC area and beyond. With a focus on holistic wellness, community engagement, and nature-inspired healing, the project seeks to enhance the studio's visibility, deepen its connection with the local community, and attract a wider audience of wellness enthusiasts.


Increase Brand Awareness: Develop a comprehensive brand strategy to raise awareness of Yoga Flor Wellness Studio's offerings and unique value proposition.

Elevate Brand Experience: Enhance the studio's physical space, online presence, and client interactions to create a seamless and memorable brand experience.

The project will be conducted over a six-week period, with milestones and deliverables outlined in a detailed project timeline.

Expected Outcomes:
By the end of the project, Yoga Flor Wellness Studio will achieve increased brand awareness, a more engaged community, a growing client base, an elevated brand experience, and a stronger commitment to mission for sustainability. These outcomes will position the studio for long-term success and impact in the wellness industry.

Pico Flor Wellness Studio connected with Avivify to conduct an audit of their brand in order to begin the process of restoring their business identity, to create growth in their monthly memberships. A decision was made to retain our service our services, and we worked in collaboration to renew their messaging.

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